Commissioner Betty Avery

Asst. Treasurer/Secretary

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A native Texan, and longtime resident of the District who is an activist citizen concerned with, Public Safety and Infrastructure to support continued growth along with the protection of property and quality of lives in North West Harris County.Certifications in NIMS, CERT, and a MBA along with background in local government, financial services, and oil & gas with an emphasis on Project Management provide a foundation of knowledge and the ability to seek to understand the roles and responsibilities of Commissioner.

With a kindred appreciation of those who serve in lands both Foreign and Domestic -the Armed Forces to the Local Law Enforcement to Fire and EMS, the watch care of the District is a Partnership of those who train for next event. Growth and infrastructure support is obtained by Interoperability of government for and The People at all levels. Strategic planning is paradigm With many hours of community activism, Commissioner Avery presents the servant leader’s attitude as Commissioner of HCESD 9.‚Äč