Work wrapping up on new, replacement fire stations to service growing Cy-Fair area

Work wrapping up on new, replacement fire stations to service growing Cy-Fair area

Harris County Emergency Services District No. 9, which manages CFVFD's budget and contracts with the fire department to provide fire services, plans to open the $5 million, 19,000-square-foot Station No. 13 near the Bridgeland community in Cypress in early June.

In addition, two new stations were also built to replace existing stations 2 and 9. A grand opening was held for the new Station 2 on Wortham Center Drive on April 28, and Station 9 will open on Cherry Park Drive this summer. Construction costs on the three new stations, along with renovation costs at Station 7 in Fairfield, were budgeted at $25 million, but final costs have come in at about $3 million under budget, ESD 9 officials said.

The new stations feature more space for gear, equipment and living space and will increase training capability, said Tim Gibson, managing director for ESD 9. CFVFD Fire Chief Amy Ramon said the expansion is needed to cover the ongoing growth in Cy-Fair."We want to decrease response times and increase coverage," Ramon said.Meanwhile, May 5 elections have brought several new faces to the ESD No. 9 board of commissioners. Jessica Rivas and Tommy Balez were elected as new members along with Scott DeBoer, who was re-elected.Rivas and Balez ran their campaigns as a part of an organized effort called ESD 9 Moving Forward, which called for improving transparency with the public and planning for future expansion. Both new commissioners expressed interest in updating the district's strategic plan to account for growth, but said they first want to make sure input is gathered from all stakeholders, including firefighters and members of the Cy-Fair community."I just want to do an assessment [and]get a little more detail," Rivas said. "I don't want to go in there and make a bunch of decisions. I want to listen and get a lay of the land." For more follow this link:

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